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Art.Nr.                    359
Type                   54100A
Brand - Merk           Hewlett Packard
Article - Artikel      Digitizing Oscilloscope 2 channel 1GHz
Price - Prijs           500,00 Euro

Condition - Conditie   Tested

Documentation          Manuals as pdf file

Title HP 54100A Digitizing Oscilloscope 2 channel 1GHz [359]
with plugins
1x 54001A Active high impedance probe 1GHz
2x 54002A 50 Ohm 1 GHz
Last calibrated in 2001

Digital Oscilloscope
Hewlett Packard
HP 54100A
2 channel for signal
1 channel for trigger

Vertical :
*Bandwidth DC-1 GHz
*Transition Time 350 psec
*Deflection factor 10mV..1V/div
*DC accuracy 3%
*DC Offset +- 1.5 x full scale
*Magnifier 1..16x

Horizontal :
*Deflection factor 100psec..1sec/div
*Resolution 10psec
*Pre-Trigger up to -200msec
*Post-Trigger up to 1 sec
*Time Base Accuracy 100psec
*RMS Jitter 50 psec
*Signal delay can be nulled out in 10 psec steps to compensate cable length

Digitzer :
*7 bits up to 10 bits with avarage and magnification
*40 Msps
*Random Repetitive Sampling

Display :
*500 points horizontal by 256 points vertical
*Variable persistance mode 200msec..10sec or indefinitely
*Split screen or overlapping
*Average 1..2048 continuously
*Graticules : Full grid, Axes with tic marks, Frame with tic marks

Inputs :
*1x Active probe 1GHz
*2x 50 Ohm input 1GHz

Interface :

Auto puls parameter and time interval measurements storage
Pre-trigger viewing

Manuals as pdf file : Operating, Programming, Service (no schematics)

Newprice in 1988 was $13925

Toepassingen :
*Repeterende signalen
*Logica timing

Active Probe
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