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Art.Nr.                    268
Type                   175A
Brand - Merk           Keithley
Article - Artikel      Multimeter
Price - Prijs           150,00 Euro

Condition - Conditie   Tested
Size - Grootte   H - H  89  W - B 235  D - D 275   mm
Weight - Gewicht        1,8   kg
Documentation          Operating and Service Manual

Title Keithley 175A Multimeter [268]
Calibration day 20060811


DC Volt 200 mV .. 1000 V
Input Resistance 10 MOhm or 1000 MOhm
Lowest resolution 10 uV

AC Volt 200 mV .. 750 V
Input Resistance 10 MOhm
3 dB Bandwidth 300 kHz
dB mode references to 600 Ohm
Lowest resolution 10 uV

Ohm 200 Ohm .. 200 MOhm
Lowest resolution 10 mOhm

Diode test

DC Amp 200 uA .. 10 A
Lowest resolution 10 nA

AC Amp 200 uA .. 10 A


Display : 4.5 digit = 22.000 count LCD 12.5 mm height
Ranging : Autorange or Manual on DCV, ACV, Ohm ; Manual on ACA and DCA
Autorange time : 300 msec
Relative : Pushbutton allows zeroing on all ranges
Datalogger and Min/Max : 100 reading storage capacity from 3 readings per
second to 1 reading per hour.
Calibration : Closed case by front panel

The Keithley Model 175A is a 4.5-digit LCD bench/portable DMM with 0.03%
basic DCV accuracy.
It offers extended measurement capabilities including a 10A current range,
 100kHz bandwidth, and resistance measurements from 10mOto 200MO.
Annunciators provide function, range, and feature indication.
With the Model 175A, choose either manual or autoranging.
Fast autoranging is available on DC volts, ohms, AC volts, and dB.
Data Logging
The Model 175A's 100-point data logger is capable of storing
data at six selectable rates from three readings per second
to one every hour. Data can be recalled from the front
panel. This feature enables collection of response curve
data and monitoring of drifts or rates of change without
the need for a printer.
The Min/Max hold feature holds both lowest and highest
readings over a selected period of time.
Relative Measurements
The dB function makes the Model 175A suitable for audio and communications
Direct dB readings are given throughout a dynamic range from -98 to +62dB, with
 0.01dB resolution above 10mV. The 100kHz bandwidth covers well past the
audio range.
The relative reference allows nulling out circuit voltage offsets or lead
 resistances. By nulling out power supply voltages or circuit outputs, drifts
or changes can be displayed. Combined with the dB function, it can be used to
make fast gain-stage measurements.
Digital Calibration
With the Model 175A's digital calibration, all calibration factors are stored in
 non-volatile memory, allowing calibration to be done electronically without
manual adjustments.

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