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Art.Nr.                    543
Type                   8116A
Brand - Merk           Hewlett Packard
Article - Artikel      Function/Pulse generator 50MHz
Price - Prijs           300,00 Euro
Stock - Voorraad           1
Condition - Conditie   Tested

Documentation          Manuals as pdf file

Title HP 8116A Function/Pulse generator 50MHz [543]
Function Pulse generator
Frequency range 1mH - 50MHz 3 digits
Waveform Sine, Triangel, Square, Pulse
Modulation : AM, FM
Duty cycle 10% - 90% 2 digits
Pulsewidth >= 10nsec
Risetime >= 6nsec
Pulse width modulation
VCO over 2 decades
32 Vpp output maximum
GPIB control

no options

The fully programmable HP 8116A features pulse as well as function generator
 capabilities in one small unit.  A broad 1 mHz to 50 MHz band for all waveforms
 and a wide choice of operating and modulating modes assure high flexibility.
 These factors, plus good repeatability, make the HP 8116A a sound, long-term

Unique Operating Concept Saves Engineering Time

HP's custom IC's have made it feasible to put the many HP 8116A capabilities
 into such a small volume.  Handling is simplified by a unique,
 microprocessor-controlled, operating concept that ensures a clear overview of
 the compact front panel at all times. When the mode and waveform have been
 selected, illuminated labels show which parameters must be set. There is no
 clutter, and no confusion.

Auto-vernier. In normal mode, the HP 8116A's auto-vernier increments any desired
 parameter continuously until a stop signal is applied.  This means that
 thresholds can be measured automatically, without a controller.

Level or amplitude programming. The HP 8116A's output can be programmed in terms
 of high and low levels or in terms of amplitude and offset.  Consequently, a
 direct, automatic, conversion is always feasible, so that the HP 8116A can be
 programmed in the same terms as the device is specified.

Safe Limit. Devices can be protected by the limit feature. This prevents the
 output from exceeding a given magnitude.

Rectangular Waveforms

For such applications as laser diodes or dc motors, square waves can be
 programmed for constant duty cycles from 10 percent to 90 percent.  For digital
 test, or for simulating very low duty-cycle events, pulse width can be
 programmed down to 10 ns.  Square wave and Pulse modes provide clean 6 ns edges
 that are ideal for many technologies.  Pulse width modulation and pulse
 recovery capability are available in Pulse mode.

Sine and Triangle Functions

A ten percent to 90 percent duty cycle, programmable in one percent steps,
 provides ramps and asymmetrical sine waves for testing VCOs, servos, amplifier
 linearity, and industrial process-control systems.   Haverfunctions, available
 in External Trigger, Gate, and Burst modes, extend the applications to such
 areas as telephone line and vibration testing.


All waveforms can be amplitude or frequency modulated.  VCO operation allows
 frequency variation over two decades with an external voltage; consequently,
 transducer output can be conditioned for mag tape recording, or frequency-shift
 keying or linear sweep can be carried out.

Low-Cost Automation for Bench and Systems

Powerful capability, small size, and wide specified temperature range make the
 HP 8116A a good choice for automatic test systems.  Also, the low cost means
 that it's now realistic to automate those routine bench jobs and leave more
 time for design.  Comfortable software features such as easy syntax and
 flexible format contribute to rapid system design.

Operating Confidence

There is reliability in the HP 8116A's output because proper operation is always
 ensured by the instrument's error detector.   This helps you to recover from an
 incorrect front panel or programming operation and by indicating the offending
 parameter.  Also, the built-in test and diagnosis feature verifies correct
 function each time the instrument is switched on.

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