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Art.Nr.                    428
Type                   SV1025
Brand - Merk           Busch
Article - Artikel      Vacuum pomp 120 hPa
Price - Prijs          1500,00 Euro
Stock - Voorraad           1
Condition - Conditie   New

Title Busch SV1025 Vacuum pomp 120 hPa [428]
Vacuum pomp
Busch SV1025
Einddruk 120 mBar
Rotary Vane pomp
Volledig olievrij !!
Nieuw, nooit gebruikt.
HP OmniBER 717 Communications 2
Performance Analyzer
The HP OmniBER 717 provides solutions for broadband testing from
the physical layer up to service layers. The modular nature of this flexible
instrument allows it to be configured to match a wide range of applications
including installation and maintenance and manufacturing test
applications. It can operate at all the most common ANSI and ETSI
wide-area transmission rates.
In-Service ATM Analysis
Use the Channel View feature to find and identify up to 1023 active virtual
channels on an ATM link, including even single cell events.
Observe real-time cell rate/count simultaneously on all found channels.
Post analysis of each active channel is performed automatically to identify
the AAL or OAM cell type in use; ATM layer alarms are also displayed.
Perform detailed analysis at the ATM or higher layers. Monitor
real-time in-service cell delay variation graphically using 1-point CDV
measurements and count non-conforming cells to I.356. Analyse I.610
performance management OAM cells to obtain cell loss and misinsertion
results from live traffic. Analyse AAL errors to gain a useful indication
of problems at the ATM layer.
Out-of-Service ATM Analysis
Generate and analyse O.191 Test Cells to obtain measurements for
2-point CDV, cell loss, cell misinsertion and cell errors, according to I.356.
Generate up to ten virtual channels, each with a user-definable profile of
constant, Poisson or bursty traffic. In addition to Test Cells, generate and
analyze single cell or cross-cell (segmented) pseudo-random binary
sequences. Inject single or double header errors or payload impairments
and generate and identify ATM layer alarms using the F4 and F5
OAM flows.
Physical Layer Features, including Jitter
Analyze physical layer errors, perform G.826 analysis and generate physical
layer impairments, generate and identify physical layer alarms. Measure
the received clock rate and optical power, and offset the analyzer's
internally-generated clock rate. Generate and analyze physical layer jitter
which, together with the frequency offset capability, make this analyzer
an important tool for checking the jitter tolerance of ATM interfaces.
Ethernet Connectivity
Check LAN over WAN connectivity on Ethernet networks. Use "pings"
and Ping History to check the end-to-end service.
Physical Layer (general)
Interfaces: DS1 (1.5Mb/s), DS3 (45Mb/s, direct and PLCP mapped
ATM), E1 (2Mb/s), E3 (34Mb/s), E4 (139Mb/s), OC-3c (155Mb/s),
STM-1e / STM-1o (155Mb/s)
Physical Layer Generation
Alarm Generation: LOS, LOF, AIS, RAI/RDI
Error Add: DS1: FAS, BPV/code, CRC-6; DS3: FAS, MFAS, BPV/code,
parity (P bits), CP (parity), FEBE, EXZ; DS3 PLCP: B1, FEBE, C1, frame;
E1: FAS, BPV/code, CRC-4, REBE; E3: BPV/code, BIP
DS3 FEAC: DS3 Loopback control
Physical Layer Analysis
Alarm Indication: LOS, LOF, AIS, RDI/RAI, Loss of DS3 PLCP Frame,
Loss of CRC multiframe, DS3 FEAC
ATM Generation
Cell Headers: UNI and NNI, all fields programmable
Traffic Generation: 1 foreground and 9 background virtual channels,
each independently settable in bandwidth and distribution (constant,
Poisson, bursty (adjustable rate during burst); foreground
payload: Test Cell (O.191), PRBS-15, PRBS-23, S-PRBS-9, userprogrammed
repeating byte
Error Add: Single and double header error; payload bit error
Alarm Generation: VP-RDI, VP-AIS, VC-RDI, VC-AIS
ATM Analysis
Channel View Capture: All VPs (or range) or VCs up to 1023
Channel View Display: Cells/s, cell counts, % bandwidth (numerically
and histographically), AAL type or OAM cell type, ATM alarm
Payload Analysis: Test Cell (O.191) related results (to I.356): cell
loss count/ratio, cell misinsertion count/rate, cell error count/ratio,
mean transfer delay, 2-point cell delay variation; PRBS (as above)
bit errors
Rate History: Up to 1000 samples showing histographically
the minimum, mean and maximum cell rate within each
sample period (1 second to 1 hour)
AAL Analysis: AAL-1: lost cells, corrected and uncorrected SNP
errors, count of SAR-PDUs; AAL-3/4: SAR-PDU CRC-10 errors,
lost cells, segment type errors, count of received CPCS-PDUs,
count of received and aborted SAR-PDUs; AAL-5: CPCS-PDU
CRC-32 errors, length errors, length over-run errors, received
and aborted CPCS-PDUs
PM-OAM Analysis: Cell loss/misinsertion, BEDC errors
In-service Analysis: 1-point cell delay variation (to I.356)
Alarm Indication: VP-RDI, VP-AIS, VC-RDI, VC-AIS
LAN Connectivity
LAN type: 10 Mb/s Ethernet
Interface: UTP (RJ45) and AUI
Network Protocol: IP
LAN Generation: Single packet manually initiated, continuous
ping rate up to 10 per second, end-to-end packet load, variable
packet load level from 1 to 550 packets per second, file transfer
simulation (bulk transfer-approx. length 1M byte)
LAN Measurement: Ping response time, ping packet return
count, ping packet loss count, Ping History - graphically
displays results over time, verification of file transfer.

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