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Art.Nr.                    447
Type                   1620
Brand - Merk           General Radio
Article - Artikel      Capacitance Bridge
Price - Prijs           400,00 Euro

Condition - Conditie   Used

Documentation          Manuals as pdf file

Title General Radio 1620 Capacitance Bridge [447]
The 1620-A is a self-contained assembly of the 1615-A Capacitance Bridge with
appropriate oscillator and null detector for measurements at 11 frequencies
between 50 Hz and 10 kHz. For applications requiring other or higher
frequencies, to 100 kHz, the 1615-A Bridge can be supplied separately and the
oscillator and detector selected to meet your needs.

*Accurate and precision measurements of capacitance and dissipation factor
*Measurement of circuit capacitances
*Dielectric measurements
*Intercomparison of capacitance standards differing in magnitude by as much
as 1000:1
*10-5 pF to 11.1 uF, 2- or 3- terminal
*0.01% accuracy, 1 ppm resolution
*Lever balance, in-line readout
*Reads dissipation factor or conductance

The 1615-A Capacitance Bridge brings to the measurement
of capacitance, the intercomparison of standard,
and to the measurement of dielectric properties
an unusual degree of accuracy, precision, range, and
High accuracy is achieved through the use of precisely
wound transformer ratio arms and highly stable
standards fabricated from Invar and hermetically
sealed in dry nitrogen. For calibration these standards
can be intercompared.
Two- or Three- Terminal Connection - Accurate threeterminal
measurements can be made even in the
presence of capacitances to ground as large as 1 F,
as might be encountered with the unknown connected
by means of long cables. The bridge has the necessary
internal shielding to permit one terminal of the
unknown capacitor to be directly grounded, so that
true two-terminal and three-terminal measurements
can both be made over the whole capacitance range.
Convenient Operation - For both capacitance and
dissipation factor, the balance controls are smoothly
operating, lever-type switches, The readout is digital
and decimal point is automatically positioned. Each
capacitance decade has a - 1 position to facilitate
rapid balancing.
The 1615-A elementary diagram is also clearly delineated
on the front panel of the bridge. Changes in
connections and grounds are automatically indicated,
as you switch the bridge terminals for diff erent measurement

Ondanks het oude uiterlijk wordt deze meter nog steeds gemaakt door IET Labs.
Is gecalibreerd in 2002
Inclusief 2 speciaal kabels.

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