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Art.Nr.                    566
Type                   XFR600-2
Brand - Merk           Xantrex
Article - Artikel      Power Supply 600V 2A
Price - Prijs           800,00 Euro
Stock - Voorraad           2
Condition - Conditie   Tested

Title Xantrex XFR600-2 Power Supply 600V 2A [566]

    * Input Power:
      Voltage 100-120VAC or 200-240VAC Single Phase (Auto Sensing)
      Frequency 47-63Hz
    * Output Power:
      Continuously variable up to 600VDC 2A (1.2kW).
      Has 10-turn potentiometers to adjust voltage and current settings that are
 displayed simultaneously.
    * Regulation:
      Voltage: 62mV (line), 125mV (load)
      Current: 2.2mA (line), 5.4mA (load)
    * Transient Response (voltage mode):
      < 3ms: Time for output voltage to recover within 0.5% of its rated value
 after a step change in load current of 10% to 90% of rated output with an
 output setpoint between 50-100% of rated value. Load slew rate <6A/ms.
    * Drift (8 hours):
      +0.05% of set point over 8 hours after 30 minute warm-up time at fixed
 line, load, and temperature
    * Efficiency:
    * Dimensions:
      1.71" H x 19" W x 20" D
    * Weight
      Approximately 18 lbs.

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