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Art.Nr.                    569
Type                   8591E
Brand - Merk           Hewlett Packard
Article - Artikel      Spectrum Analyzer 1.8 GHz
Price - Prijs          1800,00 Euro
Stock - Voorraad           1
Condition - Conditie   Tested

Title HP 8591E Spectrum Analyzer 1.8 GHz [569]
Spectrum Analyzer
Frequentie bereik 9 kHz - 1.8 GHz
Resolution Bandwidth 30Hz - 3MHz
Average Noise Level -130dBm
Response error 1dB
Calibrated Display range 70dB
Amplitude range -130dBm - +30dBm
Phase Noise (30kHz offset, 1GHz) -105dBc/Hz
Display kan gesplits worden met zoom mogelijkheid.
Fast Fourrier display
Ingebouwde spaeker voor de demodulator

Heeft de volgende opties
004 precision frequency reference (oven xtal)
021 GPIB interface
101 Fast Time Domain sweeps
102 AM/FM demodulator and TV sync trigger
130 Narrow resolution bandwidth 30Hz, 100Hz, 300Hz, 200Hz EMI
711 100V DC block

Optisch in nieuwstaat
Dit is een synthesized analyzer met een stabliteit van 1E-8

Zoom window Zoom in on any portion of display; in a split-screen format, both
 the original
and zoomed display are shown.
Multiple marker Displays up to four markers onscreen.
Marker table Displays a table of up to four marker frequency and amplitude
Peaks table Displays a table of up to ten signal peaks sorted by amplitude or
Peak zoom Automatically centers and spans down on largest signal onscreen.
Analog+ display Offers digital implementation of an analog display; includes
 markers and
printer output.
Frequency counter Built-in, marker-based frequency counter.
Time/date Displays time and date onscreen; provides for unattended operation.
One-button measurements
Adjacent channel power Measures the adjacent channel power ratio in dB of the
 upper and lower
adjacent channels.
Channel power Measures the total power in a specified bandwidth.
Occupied bandwidth Measures the 99.99% to 1% power bandwidth of a spectrum.
Third-order intercept Calculates the TOI of a distortion product.
Percent AM Calculates the percent AM from the measured sidebands and
N dB points Measures the -1 to -80 dB bandwidth of the largest signal onscreen.
Advanced functions
FFT measurements Provides an alternative method to examine amplitude modulation
Gated measurements Provides time-gated spectrum analysis for bursted signals.
DLP editor Allows creation and editing of simple DLPs.1
Limit-line editor Allows time and frequency limit lines with pass/fail messages.
Additional capabilities
Card reader Allows storage of data to memory cards and downloading of
Measurement personality Use any of the fifteen application-specific measurement
 personalities on
memory cards.
Downloadable program Alters analyzer capability with custom software.
Display storage Stores entire display (including onscreen text) to a memory
Trace/state storage Stores over 50 traces and states internally.
External keyboard Controls analyzer, labels traces, and serves as input device
 for DLP1 editor.
Internal option cardcage Expands analyzer capabilities with up to four
 circuit-card options.
NTSC, PAL, SECAM monitor output Provides a composite video out for use with
 external monitors and VCRs.
Selected options
Narrow resolution bandwidths Adds 30-Hz, 100-Hz, 200 Hz (EMI), and 300-Hz
 resolution bandwidths.
AM/FM demodulator Demodulates AM and FM; outputs to internal speaker/earphone
Quasi-peak detector Allows automatic and manual quasi-peak EMC measurements.
TV Sync trigger Triggers on any video line in NTSC, PAL or SECAM formats.
Fast time sweeps Sweeps as fast as 2 microseconds per division in zero span.
Precision frequency reference Provides improved frequency accuracy and
Tracking generator Built-In TGs up to 2.9 GHz for scalar and EMC measurements.
Time-gated spectrum analysis Obtains spectral information on signals in the
 frequency domain that are
separated in the time domain.
TV display Displays TV picture for NTSC, PAL and SECAM formats.
GPIB or RS-232 and parallel interface Provides connection for remote control and
 printer output.
DSP, fast ADC and digital demodulator Adds modulation accuracy measurements for
 digital wireless communications.
Noise figure Provides swept noise figure and gain capability.

Screen with options
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