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Art.Nr.                    618
Type                   VG-814
Brand - Merk           Astrodesign
Article - Artikel      Digital Video Generator
Price - Prijs            40,00 Euro
Stock - Voorraad           1
Condition - Conditie   Used

Title Astrodesign VG-814 Digital Video Generator [618]

Astrodesign VG-814 Digital Video Generator

    Dot (Pixel) Clock Range is 5 to 75 MHz
    Very Fast Pattern Selection and Display
    Built-In RS-232 Interface
    Independent Programming of Horizontal/Vertical and Dot Clock Frequencies
The Astrodesign VG-814 generates a wide selection of video timing and test
 patterns quickly and easily. The VG-814 can also be used for production and R
 and D applications of flat panel displays including plasma displays, LCD, etc.

The VG-814 also generates tri-level sync for High-Definition TV (HDTV) test

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