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Model       PM6307                                Artikel nr    1048
Brand       Philips
Title       Instruction Manual

Description Wow and Flutter Meter
Code        949952007702
Date        19780430

Pages A4      52    Pages A3   2
                 EUR for original        8 EUR for copy
In House     1 original
For Sale     0 original, copies can allways be made
Content     Operating Adjustments Service Schematics
Language    Deutsch English Français

HF Signal Generator
Frequency range : 100 kHz .. 125 MHz
Digital readout : 5 digit, Error 1E-4
RF output : max 50mV into 75 Ohm
Attenuator : >100 dB, 0-80dB continous,3dB,40dB calibrated
Modualtion : AM,FM
Internal modulation : 1kHz
Sweep : 400-500kHz, 10-11MHz, 36-41MHz, 75-110MHz, variable center and width
Linear and sinus sweep
Freuency counter internal or external
Markers : 10kHz .. 1MHz
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